Launching enterprise applications into the cloud with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor played a key role in IBM’s initiative to drive cloud adoption with existing and new customers. It is positioned as an offering to shed light on the unknowns of modernizing applications. We designed experiences that moved enterprises to the cloud faster.

Timeframe: Nov 2017 - July 2019
Role: Lead UX designer
Design team: Priya Noel (Lead user research), Shay Hall (UX Engineer & Team lead), Tyler Watson (Visual), Sam Smith (UX Apprentice), Holly King (Content)


Modernizing traditional applications is a painful and inefficient experience because most applications that were built 20+ years ago are not scaleable, flexible, or portable and that has an effect on the business's success.

Development teams struggle to modernize at the pace the business demands, often taking over 18 months to complete one project.


A tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected development effort.

It containerizes traditional applications so that customers can build cloud proof of concepts in less than an hour.


  • Led the design team through 11 product releases, 7 hills, 6 product integrations, and over 102 items in the design backlog.
  • Built and facilitated 3 workshops with customers and stakeholders.
  • Co-interviewed 17 stakeholders and 29 consumers.
  • Continuously delivered user flows, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes from low-fidelity to high-fidelity designs.


  • Product and user experience won the 2020 Big Business Innovation Award
  • Reduced the amount of time for enterprises to modernize traditional applications by half.
  • $6.5 MM in revenue for IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Pak for Applications generated through IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor usage.
  • $25.6 MM revenue from IBM Transformation Advisor customer engagements.